CP Parquet

CP Parquet Italy Coming direct to America

the World’s Boutique Luxury Brand Designers and Architects go to

exclusively for unique luxury wood flooring, spectacular furniture pieces, and custom hand-crafted engineered wood accessories!


Whole-tree center cut rustic oak conference table.

Meticulously engineered

Offering an array of true-to-life hand done textures and finishings.

truly breathtaking

Hand cut; hand assembled specialty floor and panel 3-D optical illusion patterns.


An appealing three-dimensional effect makes the floor seem to come alive, changing perspective as we approach or move away from the surface. The refined composition surprises us with cubes created by joining three elements and repeating them in a recurring pattern.

Rare wide-plank rustic European Elm.

Hand textured. Hand rubbed. Limited edition in limited quantities.

CP Parquet is the go-to brand for designers and architects seeking highest quality, unique, custom luxury products for their clients.

We furnish quality woods, species, and product offerings in an array of custom cuts, sizes, textures, and beautiful finishes.

Our products are sourced, processed, hand crafted, and finished for unmatched beauty and stability.

Great wines only come from great grapes

Great floors only come from great Woods

How to Buy

CP Parquet custom products is sold in America exclusively through select high-end designers and architects to their project clients. The select designers and architects operates as affiliate marketing partners with CP Parquet USA in their markets. There is no retail sales. CP Parquet USA sell direct to you, the customer, bypassing retail markups.

Affiliate designers, architects and their customers have access to virtual live video connections to CP Parquet facilities in Italy, where you can view product availability, showrooms and select your custom colors. The virtual video access to Italy simplify your selection process and shortens the time needed to approve the customized products.

For more information on The Affiliate Marketing Program and Virtual Video Conferencing, please contact:

CP Parquet America US Headquarters:

Vail, Colorado: +1 (877) CP ITALY

+1 (877) 274 8259